We are so excited to invite you to join us on this special day, if you have any questions at all please give us a call or email to discuss. 


thinking about a Gift?


You joining us for a weekend in Tasmania to celebrate, is the best wedding gift.


To those who insist, surprise us. 

Catherine Dix + Paul Sprokkreeff Custom Wedding Site

 Paul + Catherine 

In June 2019 Paul got down on one knee, and we decided to become husband + wife!

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

date now to be determined


2020 has not worked out to be the year any of us planned and so the wedding is postponed until we settle on a new date where we can all celebrate together!


Our Story

Over these last 6 years we've built an amazing life together; as best friends, colleagues, adventure buddies and so much more.


Many of our chapters have featured you…our closest friends and family and of course Paul’s boys, Will + Charlie.


We know that getting married is the only way we want to spend our life together and we’re both ready to make that wonderful commitment.


- So many good times - Here are some photos of our families and our bridal party -